Topic 09: Parallel and Distributed Programming


Developing parallel or distributed applications is a hard task and it requires advanced algorithms, realistic modeling, efficient design tools, high performance languages and libraries, and experimental evaluation. This topic provides a forum for presentation of new results and practical experience in this domain. It emphasizes research that facilitates the design and development of high-performance, correct, portable, and scalable parallel programs, as needed, for instance, in future exascale computers. Related to these central needs, we also welcome contributions that assess methods for reusability, performance prediction, large-scale deployment, self-adaptivity, and fault-tolerance.


  • Innovative paradigms, libraries and languages for parallel and distributed applications
  • Tools for development, monitoring, visualizing, tuning, and debugging for parallel and distributed programs
  • Application-level performance models and analysis, performance portability across parallel platforms
  • Programming models and techniques for heterogeneity, self-adaptivity and fault tolerance
  • Large-scale experiments and validation of parallel and distributed applications
  • Domain-specific libraries and languages (e.g., for simulation, irregular or unstructured domains, stream processing)
  • Parallel and distributed programming productivity, reusability, and component-based parallel programming

Topic Committee

Global chair

Pierre Manneback, University of Mons, Belgium

Local chair

Thierry Gautier, INRIA, France


Gudula Rünger, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
Manuel Prieto Matias, Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain